How To Pay


  • StarTimes Office

    Customers can subscribe by paying cash in any StarTimes offices in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan, Jos, Sokoto, Yola, Makurdi, Ilorin, Aba, Enugu, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Benin, and Onitsha.

  • Recharge Cards

    i. Via SMS

    Customers can buy the StarTimes recharge cards from StarTimes offices or any of the authorized dealer outlets. Tips: How to load the recharge card: After buying the recharge card from any of our Startimes Business Hall or authorised dealer, subscriber can recharge on their own by carefully scratching the recharge card and send CC#smartcardnumber#pin as text to 32055 on all GSM networks including Visaphone Recharging Fixed Devices ( DECODER, CRT-DTV, LCD-DTV and LED-DTV)
    1.  To maintain your current bouquet: CC#smartcardnumber#pin
    2. To change from any bouquet to basic :CC#smartcardnumber#pin#B
    3. To change from any bouquet to classic : CC#smartcardnumber#pin#C
    4. To change from any bouquet to unique: CC#smartcardnumber#pin#U
    payment_method   Recharging Mobile Devices ( M35.M50,GPS501,GPS701)
    1. For Mobile All bouquet: CC#smdnumber#pin#combination
    2. For Cinema bouquet: CC#smdnumber#pin#C
    3. For Entertainment bouquet: CC#smdnumber#pin#E
    4. For News bouquet: CC#smdnumber#pin#N
    To combine two bouquets on Mobile Devices
    1. News and cinema:CC#smdnumber#NC
    2. News and entertainment: CC#smdnumber#NE
    3. Cinema and Entertainment : CC#smdnumber#CE
    Note: 1. Smartcard Number is 11 digits and SMD 16 digits. 2. You have to wait for 2 to 7 minutes for the device to come up after account subscription ii. StarTimes Web Site Browse StarTimes web site and then Select Self Service under Customer Support. Input your smart card number and the default password 123456 If you login for the first time, you need to change your password immediately. After you change your password, you can select Recharge Card Payment to load the recharge card. Your service will be valid within 2 minute. ii. With the recharge card pin you can still call any of our hotline numbers for help.  

  • Online Payment using Quickteller

    QuickTeller gives you convenient access to recharging Startimes products QuickTeller services are available at, bank ATMs, select merchant locations, and via your bank’s internet banking portals. How it works on Step One You should have either an Interswitch powered debit card or Verve card. Step Two Register with your email address and mobile phone number Step Three An activation code will be sent to you via email. Login and activate your account with this code. Step Four Select Startimes under CABLE TV BILLS, provide your customer details, QuickTeller will confirm these details then direct you to the payment gateway. Step Five On the payment gateway, select your card type and provide card details, pin and whatever other information is required. Step Six A receipt confirmation will be displayed for you via QuickTeller and also sent to your email. Step Seven Any payments made are recognized by STARTIMES immediately and your accounts will be activated within 2 to 7 Minutes. Click here to Subscribe now

  • Bank

    You can pay cash for your account subscription at the following banks listed below.

    • Access Bank
    • Mainstreet Bank
    • Keystone Bank
    • Diamond Bank
    • Ecobank
    • FCMB
    • Fidelity Bank
    • First Bank
    • Skye Bank
    • Stanbic IBTC
    • Sterling Bank
    • Union Bank Nigeria
    • United Bank for Africa
    • Unity Bank
    • Enterprise Bank
    • Zenith Bank
    Note that you can also make payment online through the banks Websites.

  • Mobile Money

    StanbicIBTC (*909#) How to register: Self service (Any GSM phone)

    • Dial *909# on your mobile phone and send (excluding MTN)
    • Select ‘4’ and press Register
    • Provide customer information required on each field and send
    Self service [WAP enabled phone (web) for example, M35, M50]
    • Visit MobileMoney WAP link
    • Select MobileMoney, input your number.
    • Click on Register and provide customer details required
    How to fund your wallet on StanbicIBTC Mobile Money A mobile wallet can be funded through; a mobile money agent, at any Stanbic IBTC Bank branch, any ATM, person to person transfer, and online through the web, internet banking and through Quickteller Startimes on Mobile Money
    • Dial *909# on your mobile phone and send (excluding MTN)
    • Enter option 1 for My Wallet and send
    • Select Pay bills
    • Select Startimes
    • Enter SmartCard Number
    • Enter Amount
    • Select Pay

  • Pocket Money (ETranzact)

    1. Send an SMS with “REG FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” (e.g REG PAUL REY) to the short code-20220 (From any network) 2. You will receive an SMS containing your default PIN. Click on the SMS to download the PocketMoni application or send “D Pocket” to 20220 to get the pocketmoni link or 3. Install the application and input the following:

    • Your mobile number
    • Default Pin (PIN contained in the SMS sent To You)
    • Memorable word (user’s defined password)
    • Network Provider
    After a successful setup, the PocketMoni menu will display the following Select PayBills Select STARTIMES Enter your Smartcard number Enter Amount And Confirm.

  • Gist Me Recharge

    1. First you must activate a gistme account Text credit leave a space security pin and send this to 30020. The security pin is the 12 digit security number you will see on the gist me recharge card E.g. [credit 961621468239] send to 30020 YOU WILL RECEIVE A SUCCESSFUL FEEDBACK MESSAGE. ********************************** WELCOME TO GISTME MOBILE MONEY PIN: XXXX BALANCE: XXXX ******************************** 2. Text startv leave a space four digit security PIN leave a space smartcard number and then send to 30020 E.g. [startv 1920 02027022323] send to 30020 OR [startv 1920 02027022323 3000] ~ TO SPECIFY AN AMOUNT OF 3000 NGN 3. you will receive a successful subscription text message **************************** PIN(S) FOR DECODER 02027114484: 235121028109034 [star TV pin] TOTAL: 1000 BALANCE: 0 **************************** RECHARGE SUCCESSFULLY: YOUR BALANCE IS 1013 NOTE: 1. ONCE THE FIRST MESSAGE IS SENT GISTME WILL BIND YOUR PHONE NUMBER WITH THE PIN NUMBER THAT WILL BE SENT TO YOU. SO YOU MUST USE THE SAME PHONE WHEN EVER YOU WANT TO RECHARGE 2. THE 16 DIGIT NUMBER YOU RECEIVE WITH YOUR SMARTCARD NUMBER IS STAR TV PIN NUMBER THAT CAN BE USED TO RECHARGE AN ACCOUNT MANUALLY IN CASE THERE IS A PROBLEM AND YOU ARE NOT CREDITED 3. THE GISTME RECHARGE CARD CAN BE BOUGHT AT ANY ZENITH BANK NATION WIDE 4. THE MESSEAGE CAN BE SENT FROM ANY NETWORK [MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, VISAFONE, STARCOMMS AND MULTILINKS]. 5. Call center – 09-4618888, 01-2719999

  • E-Payment System

    Making StarTimes subscription payments is now so easy. Quickteller gives you a convenient access to make payments, it’s a value added service platform that is specially developed and designed to bring more value to all card holders. StarTimes Subscriber who has an ATM card can pay for his/her subscription on the ATM machine, or Web Platform and receive instant reconnection irrespective of whether they have been disconnected previously or not. The Quickteller value added service platform, avails subscribers a 24/7 payment access to instant subscription activation. Subscribers get consolidated reports detailing information on all payments made irrespective of bank branch or the payment channel used. Quickteller platform, services are currently available on all Interswitch enabled channels.
    Online Payment
    For Online subscription, click here for your payment.
    quick teller222
    How to use Quickteller with ATM Card
    • Go to the nearest ATM Machine that Support Quickteller Service, and insert your ATM card
    • Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
    • Select your bank account type e.g Savings or Current
    • Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
    • Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
    • Select ‘Others’
    • Enter the code ‘240534’ and Press ‘PROCEED’
    • Enter ‘Smart Card Number’ e.g 23xxxxxxxxxxx and Press ‘PROCEED’
    After a successful completion of the Process, You will then get a confirmation page indicating the subscription was successful. All StarTimes subscribers in Nigeria can now use both our online Quickteller payments and the ATM Quickteller payments for their monthly subscriptions. Quickteller payments service cuts across all the 32 cities that StarTimes has covered. StarTimes is making Digital entertainment easier and available for all its subscribers. SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT USING PAGA Register Online Register online quickly and securely Click here to register Register via SMS Simply send to 08161232284 to signup Pay Bills pay your StarTimes Subscription View your transaction history. PAGA SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENT USING POCKETMONI PocketMoni is uniquely positioned as a multi-network and robust payment platform capable of addressing the unique needs of the unbanked.
    How It Works
    Do it yourself.
    • REG “FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” to 20220 (from any network) Example: (REG JOHN MARK)
    • Receive an SMS (With Your Default Pin)
    • Change Your Pin
    • Download PocketMoni app
    For Android Phone Users, you can download the PocketMoni App here
    Pocket Moni