River of Passions

River of Passions

September 26, 2016

It tells the story of Felipe Guerra, a young foreman of a cattle ranch, who discovers in the eyes of the beautiful Lina Maria Henao, the one true love. Aware of the economic differences between his beloved and himself, he decides to accept the proposal to capture the drug lord Miguel de Jesus Ortega for a million-dollar reward. During the length of this mission, the young man will assume a new identity and forget about the city where he was born. But what about Lina while he’s gone? Cristian, who is supposed to be Felipe’s best friend, will have no problem accompanying her until he returns.

(2016 Series and one of the best love story of all time )

From October 2nd Every Saturday and Sunday @ 8:20pm


Dream of Love

Esperanza and Ricardo are in love… however, it has been 20 years since they saw each other for the last time. Now that destiny has crossed their paths again, they will fight against everything not only to be together, but also to build a modern family: one of those in which each spouse’s children mingle and love each other as true siblings.

Esperanza Guerrero is a teacher who works in two schools in order to provide for her two children: Pedro and Patricia.

Ricardo Alegría, licensed as teacher, is an Interpol agent living in the United States. He is married to Tracy, a woman who doesn’t love him, and they have two children: Selena and Rodrigo.

Ricardo is chasing an elusive jewelry thief called ‘La Sombra’ (‘The Shadow’, who also dared to hurt Rodrigo), and to catch him, he is compelled to return to Mexico and impersonate the teacher of the criminal’s son… ironically, despite being an excellent agent capable of beating all kinds of criminals, when it comes to controlling a group of mischievous kids, he finds in them the rivals that make his life miserable.

Unexpectedly, he meets again with the love of his life there. And in a flash, Esperanza and Ricardo realize they are still in love.

this is how their fortune begins… and also their misfortune, since they must face Ernesto (Patricia’s father) and Tracy, who will try to prevent them from being happy together.

Love is the center of this story that also remarks the importance of acceptance and promotes happiness, because the dreams to be fulfilled are the driving force that makes us live.

COMBO Decoder

Digital TV company, StarTimes has stepped up its innovation profile with the launch of a first of its kind 2-in-1 combo decoder in Nigeria.

The new high-tech product, the first in Africa, is equipped with world’s latest decoder technology to combine effectively features of both digital terrestrial (DTT) and digital satellite (DTH) digital television technologies on a single decoder.

Marketing Director, StarTimes Nigeria, Mr. Oludare Kafar while unveiling the new decoder in Lagos, said, “the 2-in-1 combo decoder is a game changing product from StarTimes and it was deliberately designed with latest global technology to lavish subscribers with unprecedented access to digital television and entertainment. Interestingly, this new combo decoder works with both antenna and dish and offers all channels from both for the price of one. It also grants our esteemed customers access to over 100 channels across the genres with an enhanced high definition (HD) picture quality.”

Head of Public Relations, Mr. Israel Bolaji said StarTimes is excited and committed to “deploying world’s latest technology to offer multiple access to subscribers to enjoy both digital terrestrial and digital satellite television channels and entertainment offerings on the same decoder and grant ease of access to switch between the options conveniently because our customers deserve utmost comfort and convenience. This is the next level globally and the new decoder is expected to replace the traditional single decoder model. We grant the best for less!

As a digital TV company, StarTimes is passionate about the digital tv revolution. Nigerians will continue to enjoy the best of digital television entertainment and experience with a plethora of enjoyable programs in higher definition (HD) images at very pocket-friendly bouquet rates.


On StarTimes, Nigerians can enjoy fantastic movie channels like ST Yoruba, irokoworld, irokoplay AMC Movies, ST Zone, Orisun, ST Yoruba, and Bollywood channels like Star Plus and Zee Cinema. Music channels like ST Music, Nigezie and MTV Base; documentary channels like IDX, Nat Geo Gold and Discovery Science; news channels – Al Jazeera and Bloomberg; ST Novela, Wazobia, Fox; Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, Baby TV, Fine Living and many more.

Movie Season

Digital television subscribers of StarTimes are set for a one-week thrilling entertainment experience as the entertainment power house announced that its three newly acquired channels recently unveiled and other entertainment channels will be enjoyed by all its active customers on any bouquet for seven days between May 1 and May 7, 2015.

The newly unveiled entertainment channels are world class Nollywood channels which show latest blockbuster films – iROKO Play and iROKO Plus,  and Star Movie Zone. Apart from the new three channels, AMC and Star Kungfu will also be available. All these movie channels will be available for our customers who have recharged for any bouquet plan.
Also, from the month of May, StarTimes will on Saturdays show blockbuster new 2014/2015 movies in its brand halls intermittently across Lagos, including Victoria Island, Surulere, Alimosho, Ikeja, Agege, Mushin, Ikotun etc. It will then be extended outside Lagos afterwards.

Mr. Israel Bolaji, Public Relations Manager, NTA Star TV Network StarTimes confirmed the development, adding that the digital TV service provider is excited to unveil its Movie Season program which offers customers the opportunity to enjoy rich and rewarding entertainment and television experience.

“We just unveiled four new hot entertainment channels on StarTimes and we are using this program to enable all active customers access and interact with these fantastic channels whether it is available on your bouquet or not. By also winning our movie tickets for free, some lucky customers will enjoy our cinema activations in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere on weekends”, he stated.
Bolaji reiterated that “Iroko TV channels are top-class online subscription-based entertainment platforms with lots of blockbuster movies enjoyed by the youth and women. Iroko Play brings the best of Nollywood classic, mid recent movies and other entertaining Nigerian programmes to viewers while Iroko Plus shows block-buster Nollywood movies that are fresh and very recent. It is also dearly loved by young women, students and youths who appreciate Nollywoood and general entertainment. With the recent deal with StarTimes, Iroko play and Iroko Plus will be accessible all over Africa exclusively on StarTimes and in the first year alone, viewers will be treated to over 250 high quality titles and 250 episodes of magazine shows.  Star Movies Zone thrills viewers with generic content for all, including Novela series, Hollywood series, Magazine shows and some children programmes. It features Hollywood action movies and acclaimed African films, popular Novela, series and comedies; variety and talk shows.
With an array of interesting channels for sports, music, movies, news, kids and teens’ entertainment, documentary, religion and lots more, , he says: “ StarTimes is set to support  Nigerians towards digital migration by offering them valuable family entertainment at an affordable rate that makes a convenient switch over from analogue to digital television and promote inspirational television experience that creates values.”
About Startimes Bouquets
There are four bouquets available on Startimes that is intended to make it comfortable and easy for more Nigerians to get right of entry and enjoy the digital television devoid of any hassle or missing any beloved television programs when the analogue TV gets switched off in 2015.
About Startimes
Startimes has adopted Digital TV technology to establish a powerful and secure multi-frequency and multi-channel digital wireless TV transmission platform. It combines satellite with terrestrial technology thereby facilitating the transmission of more than 100 local and international television channels covering news, sports, music, movies, TV series, religion, entertainment and documentaries all of which are available across its 13 African countries’ operations.

Movie Season

On April 16, the 5th Beijing Int’l Film Festival kicks off at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Yanqi Lake Beijing. Apart from some well- known Chinese and foreign directors, actors, StarTimes’ president Mr. Pang Xinxing, the diamond business partners of 5th Beijing Int’l Film Festival, attended the opening ceremony  .

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Digital Life is now available and enjoyable with Levi

Dear Esteemed Customers
Digital switch over is coming this year, and to further break the barrier hindering Nigerians from joining the whole world in migrating to the digital TV and enjoying the attendant benefits, StarTimes is taking another bold step towards creating a more robust and improved digital television experience. We are further enriching our platform across all bouquets.
1. NOVA: We have introduced a new bouquet and the fourth one on StarTimes platform, further creating more options for customers to choose from Nova, Basic, Classic and Unique. The Nova bouquet which was launched on March 23, offers over 26 channels for only N600 per month. With this new bouquet, StarTimes will continue to guarantee that every Nigerian family enjoys quality digital television at an affordable rate. In effect, every Nigerian household can now have more than ever and enjoy optimized digital TV for just N20 per day, cheaper than even a bottle of water. The decoder is also very affordable at N990 with N2400 subscription of any bouquet of your choice.

2. NEW CHANNELS: By May 1, we will launch new interesting channels and will update the existing bouquets with these channels. They are AMC Series, Iroko Play, Iroko Plus and ST Zone. AMC movies and Wap TV will then move to Basic bouquet; Classic bouquet will have Iroko Play and AMC series, Iroko Plus will also be introduced into Unique bouquet while other new channels will be available on all bouquets. While, the new bouquet price will be N1200 for Basic, N2400 for Classic and N3600 for Unique bouquet, which will be effective from April 18.

3. SPECIAL OFFER: in order to serve you better as our existing subscribers, we are also announcing a special offer: if you recharge before April 18, you can pay the old price (Basic – N1000, Classic – N2000, Unique – N3000) for as many months as desired. For example, if you pay N6000 on Classic bouquet before April 18, you can enjoy 3 months viewing on classic, but after April 18, you can only watch for 2 months and 2 weeks with N6000. The good news is that you can recharge for as many months as you want before April 18, the more you recharge now, the more benefit you can earn.

4. STARTIMES SATELLITE TV: We would also like to introduce Startimes satellite TV to you, which has 100+ channels with HD decoder and more local contents. We also have a Nova bouquet on Startimes satellite TV, which has 35+ channels and cost only N600, the Smart bouquet with 85+ channels will be reduced from N3000 to N1800, for Super bouquet you only need to pay N3600 to enjoy 117+ channels which is N4500 before. What an amazing reward?This adjustment will be effective from May 1.

Thank you for your continuous support as we remain committed to providing you with the best home entertainment and viewer experience for all.

April 10, 2015


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