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StarTimes Bouquet Adjustment and New Channels Announcement

April 21, 2015

Dear Esteemed Customers
Digital switch over is coming this year, and to further break the barrier hindering Nigerians from joining the whole world in migrating to the digital TV and enjoying the attendant benefits, StarTimes is taking another bold step towards creating a more robust and improved digital television experience. We are further enriching our platform across all bouquets.
1. NOVA: We have introduced a new bouquet and the fourth one on StarTimes platform, further creating more options for customers to choose from Nova, Basic, Classic and Unique. The Nova bouquet which was launched on March 23, offers over 26 channels for only N600 per month. With this new bouquet, StarTimes will continue to guarantee that every Nigerian family enjoys quality digital television at an affordable rate. In effect, every Nigerian household can now have more than ever and enjoy optimized digital TV for just N20 per day, cheaper than even a bottle of water. The decoder is also very affordable at N990 with N2400 subscription of any bouquet of your choice.

2. NEW CHANNELS: By May 1, we will launch new interesting channels and will update the existing bouquets with these channels. They are AMC Series, Iroko Play, Iroko Plus and ST Zone. AMC movies and Wap TV will then move to Basic bouquet; Classic bouquet will have Iroko Play and AMC series, Iroko Plus will also be introduced into Unique bouquet while other new channels will be available on all bouquets. While, the new bouquet price will be N1200 for Basic, N2400 for Classic and N3600 for Unique bouquet, which will be effective from April 18.

3. SPECIAL OFFER: in order to serve you better as our existing subscribers, we are also announcing a special offer: if you recharge before April 18, you can pay the old price (Basic – N1000, Classic – N2000, Unique – N3000) for as many months as desired. For example, if you pay N6000 on Classic bouquet before April 18, you can enjoy 3 months viewing on classic, but after April 18, you can only watch for 2 months and 2 weeks with N6000. The good news is that you can recharge for as many months as you want before April 18, the more you recharge now, the more benefit you can earn.

4. STARTIMES SATELLITE TV: We would also like to introduce Startimes satellite TV to you, which has 100+ channels with HD decoder and more local contents. We also have a Nova bouquet on Startimes satellite TV, which has 35+ channels and cost only N600, the Smart bouquet with 85+ channels will be reduced from N3000 to N1800, for Super bouquet you only need to pay N3600 to enjoy 117+ channels which is N4500 before. What an amazing reward?This adjustment will be effective from May 1.

Thank you for your continuous support as we remain committed to providing you with the best home entertainment and viewer experience for all.

April 10, 2015